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Exploring the 5 Boroughs of New York City

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Considering moving to the Big Apple? If yes, you should now think about which part of NYC you want to make your home. Out-of-the-towners might feel loaded with plenty of information once they hear about New York City. And if you are planning to relocate here, it is wise to learn more about the New York City Five Boroughs. This blog provides an in-depth look at the best places to live, the cost of living, and what makes each borough special. Join us as we unravel the five boroughs of NYC and help you make informed decisions.

Manhattan Boroughs

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The first in the list of New York boroughs is Manhattan City. Most tourists are likely to spend the majority of their time here. You can see the yellow taxis, iconic skyscrapers, museums, and Central Park. Although it is a small borough, yet it’s the most expensive of all. However, you can find some areas providing affordable rental prices. If a small apartment is something that doesn’t bother you, Manhattan could be your place of living. 

Manhattan Neighborhoods

Some popular Manhattan Neighborhoods you should consider moving to are – 

  • Harlem 

It is located in the upper Manhattan. Hudson River is on the west of Harlem. There is a whole lot of history and flavor packed into Harlem with some fantastic venues like the Apollo Theater, Alhambra Ballroom, and many more. The north of Harlem has Harlem River and 155th Street in addition to the Central Park North on the south. 

  • Greenwich Village 

Want some classic New York feel with cobblestone streets? Greenwich Village is an ideal area. Bordering the West Village, it offers quality education, dining options, and residential options as well. The village has long been a hub for musicians, artists, and writers. Today, it not only attracts locals but also tourists. 

  • Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen borders Broadway from the west. It is an ideal place for musical junkies and aspiring playwrights as they can draw their inspiration from on-and-off Broadway stages located in the proximity of Hell’s Kitchen. Also, if you are someone who loves traveling and can never tire of being a tourist, you can consider living in this neighborhood. Here, you can join visitors at Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, and Javits Convention Center. 

Cost of living in Manhattan

The cost of living in Manhattan is not only high when compared to the rest of the nation but also high when compared to other New York Boroughs. You will be surprised to know that the overall cost of living here is more than double the national average. The things contributing to this high cost are transportation, housing, and utilities. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment can range from $2400 per month to $3900 per month, depending upon the actual location. 

What’s Living Here Like?

You can get the real New York City experience by living in Manhattan. The place is full of public transit convenience, prime real estate, and many more. You can never have a shortage of things to do here. Whether you are craving a taco at 2 AM or want to get somewhere in a rush, you will find the solution to everything. 

Brooklyn Boroughs

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Brooklyn is located in the west of Manhattan and has direct connections to Staten Island and Queens. Thus, it is called a cultural epicenter. It includes many beautiful parks, watering holes, and historical significance with the Park Slope, which attracts both the residents and the visitors. 

Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 

Some popular Brooklyn Neighborhoods you should consider moving to are – 

  • Park Slope 

Park Slope is popular among the young professionals and families. It is located west and north of the Prospect Park. Many relaxed eateries, unique bars and picturesque streets are located here. If you have a family with children, you can truly consider moving to the Park Slope as many great schools and public transportation are easily accessible. 

  • Williamsburg 

Williamsburg is famous for struggling artists and creatives, where you can witness plenty of artisanal goods and food items. Consider living here if you are a music lover or the one who loves artisanal bakeries. Enjoy diving into the fun of experiencing food trends at Smorgasburg, a weekly open-air food market event, or walk over to the Artists and Fleas to explore some artistic things. 

  • Dumbo

DUMBO is the acronym for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The neighborhood is a mix of industrial and commercial vibes. The headquarters of some big companies like Etsy and West Elm are located here. It is also known by the name of “The center of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle” due to the thriving community of tech startups. 

Cost of living in Brooklyn City

Each neighborhood in Brooklyn differs in terms of housing costs. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment here is as little as $2100 per month to as high as $4400 per month. The most interesting part of living in Brooklyn is a spacious apartment for your money (as compared to Manhattan), and who knows, you might even get a yard or a balcony. 

What’s Living Here Like?

If you have made a checklist including a relaxed atmosphere, close to amenities, close to downtown Manhattan and coastal locations, and more green spaces, move to Brooklyn. There is no denying the fact that it is a bit tough to commute to work from Brooklyn, but the positives are more – unique culture, luscious coffee and beer, and green paces. 

Queens Boroughs

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This New York borough has something for everyone out there and is considered one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. Looking for a staycation? There are plenty of beaches in Queens. Consider yourself a foodie. Queens is definitely your place. From food and culture to music, you can get everything here at affordable prices compared to Brooklyn and Manhattan.  

Neighborhoods in Queens

Some popular Neighborhoods in Queens you should consider moving to are – 

  • Forest Hills

With manicured lawns and quaint row houses, Forest Hills can give you the suburban feeling. The Forest Hills Stadium is apt for sports and music lovers. It served as the home to the original US Open tournament in the 1920s. And currently, it is a neighborhood that brings big names in the entertainment. 

  • Long Island City 

There are some pretty big attractions in Long Island. If you are a film fanatic, you can visit the museum of the moving image. Into contemporary arts? A visit to MoMA PS1 is a must. In terms of entertainment, get your footsteps into the number of beer breweries located here along with the great restaurants. 

  • Astoria 

Astoria is located at a short train ride from Midtown Manhattan. It is a popular place amongst young professionals due to the lower rents pertaining in these areas. You can have all the perks of New York suburbs here, even without the commute. This neighborhood has the amenities like hiking trails, playgrounds, basketball courts etc. to unwind and relax. So, you can find just anything here.  

Cost of living in Queens City

Queens have a much lower cost of living as compared to other boroughs in New York City. The average rent for a studio is as low as $1100 per month and go up to as high as $3500 for a two-bedroom apartment. If you are a family man finding a living place with lower cost, diversity, and green space, you can consider moving to Queens.  

What’s Living Here Like?

A suburban lifestyle with cultural diversity, Queens is the place that has all the perks of a major metropolis. Housing prices are affordable with all the suburban luxuries. 

The Bronx Boroughs

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The fourth in the list of New York City Five Boroughs is the Bronx City. It is the birthplace of hip-hop and is home to the world’s famous baseball team, the New York Yankees. Located over the Harlem River, you can explore multiple local beaches and beautiful sceneries, and there are several other reasons to visit or get a home here. Bronx features one the biggest parks in NYC, one of the best zoos in the county, Pelham Bay Park, and many more. 

Neighborhoods City in The Bronx

Some popular Bronx Neighborhoods you should consider moving to are – 

  • Riverdale

Riverdale is the upscale neighborhood of the Bronx providing you with the suburban feel and tree-lined boulevards. The best part of this neighborhood is that it is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx borough. Beyond residential life, explore the fantastic variety of flora. Visit the Wave Hill Public Garden to get great views of the Hudson River. 

  • Fordham 

Fordham is made up of several neighborhoods that also surround Fordham University. The major attractions here are Edgar Allan Poe Cottage and the New York Botanical Garden with loads of Latin American eateries. Being located close to Fordham University and having a lower cost of living, this neighborhood is widely popular among the students who are planning to move to NYC. 

  • Kingsbridge 

Kingsbridge is easily accessible from Metro North and the D-subway train. Many single-family homes are located in Kingsbridge with a number of local public schools. 

Cost of living in The Bronx City

Average rent in the Bronx city is just above the $1600. Many people consider buying a home here due to the lesser housing costs. The median housing costs are nearly at $456700, which seems to be much more realistic. Lower rental rates also attract students who have just moved to the city. 

What’s Living Here Like?

If you are a Yankee fan or park person and want to enjoy lower rent, moving to the Bronx is the right choice. Easy commuting facilities and big city amenities are enough to meet your daily needs. So, you will be able to strike a balance between your home setting and providing facilities to your family. 

Staten Island 

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Moving to Staten Island is an ideal choice for those who love having more space, especially private outdoor space. It is rightly called the borough of parks because more than 9300 acres of parkland are spread over here. Nearly 70% of the people living here are homeowners, so it is a pretty residential space.  

Neighborhoods in Staten Island

Some popular Staten Island Neighborhoods you should consider moving to are – 

  • Great Kills

Great Kills part gives more of a feel of town rather than a neighborhood feel. Full of schools, residential homes, and big parks, it has plenty of things to offer you when it comes to lifestyle if a family-friendly spot is something you are looking for. 

  • St. George

If you love living in Staten Island but also want to enjoy the feel of being close to Manhattan, St. George should be on your list. The Island Ferry stops here, making the commute easy for the residents. 

  • New Dorp

If you prefer walking to shorter distances, New Dorp – an eastern part of the borough is meant for you. Start your stroll down the New Dorp Lane District, and you will find yourself amidst some amazing restaurants and shopping options. You can fulfill your adventures here because the neighborhood is adjacent to the beach, where you can go surfing and take part in many other adventure activities. 

Cost of living in Staten Island

You can expect to get a home in Staten Island at reasonable price. The average rent per month is between $1400-$1600, and the median price of a home is around $530,000, which is more feasible than the price in other New York boroughs.  

What’s Living Here Like?

If a fast-paced lifestyle is your thing, sadly, Staten Island is not for you. But, if you want more space and a quick hop and ferry ride away from everything else, this is the place you should consider. The Staten Island Ferry operates throughout the year and is free for all riders. If you are one of those who prefer spending money on home rather than convenience, Staten Island is a great choice for you. 

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