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Smart Storage

It's not just storage, it's a lifestyle!
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A Smarter Way To Store

We pick up, store, and deliver your items when you need them.
Enjoy the freedom of clutter-free, Experience the smarter way to store with urBin!

urBin is always simple solution

No storage need is too big or too small for us. Be it one sofa, of full home worth of items, we have a storage option for you. Prior to being moved into a storage facility, all furniture items are properly wrapped and protected.
Pay for the exact items you store
Storage bins provided for your convenience
Items are wrapped and protected
On-demand pickups & deliveries service

Smart storage key values

Redefining the future of storage. Backed by technology and inspired by simplicity, urBin developed an end-to-end storage ecosystem. We are dedicated to creating user-friendly solutions that enhance and simplify the user storage experience, clarity, and accessibility for individuals and businesses alike. Our goal is to empower our users to focus on the things that matter most.
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Our plans suit to your needs, ensuring you only pay for the space you use. Make room for life with urBin!


Embrace the future with urBin's Digital Smart Storage! Manage your items with a click, making storage more convenient and accessible than ever before.

No hidden fees

Where transparency meets convenience! No hidden fees, No surprises! We're committed to offering straightforward and simple pricing.

urBin app is a digital storage platform

urBin Smart Storage allows you to manage your items, create as many storages as you want with things that are matter to you. Track your items to know where there are right now. Want to know more?

Create Storage

Select items you want to store, pick the date for delivery and we'll safely pick them up


You can track and edit your appointments for pickup or delivery for your storages

Track the status

If you have many storages and locations, don't worry, you can easily track status and location of the item with our app

Manage Addresses

Add as many address locations as you need and we'll help you with pickup and deliver items to or where you need them

Flexible Navigation

With our app it is easy to search or filter items from your storage and see where they are

Notification System

We notify you about all events connected to your storages, items, payment status
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Smart Storage Popular F.A.Q.