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Clever Bedroom Hacks

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Does the state of your bedroom have you tossing and turning at night? Bedrooms are one of the hardest rooms in the home to design. If you feel like your bedroom is kind of bland or drab, you’re not alone. Here are some clever bedroom hacks to make it comfier and more stylish:

Layers of Blankets

Make your bedroom as cozy and snug as possible. Layer on the blankets and make them all super soft and plushy. Opt for a fluffy down comforter, sheets with a high thread count, a washable duvet cover, and one or two knit blankets for when it’s chilly.

Piles of Pillows

Once you’ve layered on the blankets, turn your bed into a fluffy pillow fortress. Buy some soft throw pillows in your favorite shades and patterns and pile them on. This is also a great way to add pops of color to your room.

Wall-Mounted Bedside Tables

Don’t have the floor space for a nightstand on either side of your bed? Take it to the walls with wall-mounted bedside tables or wall shelves.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

You can do the same for lighting to save space on your shelf or nightstand. Get lights that mount to the wall to keep your tabletops clear of clutter.

Keep Décor Simple

Your bedroom doesn’t need to be filled with trinkets—in fact, a cluttered bedroom might make you feel uneasy and won’t help you get to sleep any better. Keep décor simple. Pops of color or patterns here and there are ok, but try not to overdo it!

Pay Attention to Color

Color can affect mood. Painting your bedroom yellow, orange, or red might not be a good decision, considering those colors may make you feel anxious or energized. Opt for shades of blue or neutral colors for a more relaxing environment

Make a DIY Pillow Mist

Having trouble falling asleep? A soothing pillow mist with lavender essential oil might help you wind down and fall asleep faster. Here’s a recipe to try.

Throw in a Throw Rug

Wooden floors get cold in the winter, and that doesn’t feel so great on your feet first thing in the morning. Put a throw rug down next to your bed so your feet have a warm landing spot when you get out of bed.

Or an Area Rug

Whether or not you have wooden floors, a large area rug can add a lot to a bedroom. Choose either a 5×8 rug and place it horizontally at the end of your bed, or a 9×12 rug and place it horizontally under your bed.

Get a PJ Set

Invest in a comfy PJ set or two. You know you’ve always wanted to. Plus, it’ll get you into sleep-mode, and keep you warm (or cool,) throughout the seasons, without running up your heating and cooling bills.

Add a Plant

Every room deserves a little life, even the bedroom. Plants can help purify the air and create a more comfortable environment for sleep.

Don’t Forget a Candle

What’s more relaxing than a scented candle? A good rule of thumb is to always have two larger-sized candles: one for the living room, and one for the bedroom.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed has been shown to increase productivity and mood. Start incorporating this step into your day and feel the difference!

Skip the TV

Unplug before bed, and keep the TV out of the bedroom. The light from our screens messes with our circadian rhythms and can cause trouble sleeping. This is a great article about the techno dangers to watch for in your apartment.Unplug before bed, and keep the TV out of the bedroom. The light from our screens messes with our circadian rhythms and can cause trouble sleeping.

Transform your bedroom with these clever hacks for a better night’s rest. And if you find anything you can’t hang onto while you’re redesigning, check out UrBin Storage. They’ll come to you!