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How to Pack a Mattress for Moving

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Are you planning for a move? If yes, then you cannot deny that there are innumerable things on your platter that you have to pack. Many things don’t require you to research the ways to pack them safely. You think that a bundle of packing boxes will do the needful for you. However, there are certain items that require you to pay special attention. And simply keeping them in moving boxes won’t be sufficient. One such thing is the mattress. 

Now, if you are thinking how to pack a mattress for moving, you are at the right place. Keep reading to know the tips and tricks to prepare your mattress for the move and how to unpack it at the destination. Let’s get started. 

Preparing Your Mattress For The Move

Ensuring your mattress is properly prepared for the move is crucial for its safety and longevity. From cleaning to proper measurements, here's how to get your mattress ready for the journey.

1. Cleaning Your Mattress 

Does your mattress have any visible stains? If yes, get rid of them before packing. Take a mild detergent or a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the stained areas. Let it dry completely before proceeding with the packing. After that, you can also vacuum it to get rid of dust and dirt. When you are done with vacuuming, wipe the surface with a clean and dry cloth to remove any remaining dust. 

2. Properly Measuring Your Mattress 

When it comes to answering how to pack a mattress for moving, you should have accurate measurements of your mattress with you to select the right packaging. Measure its length, width, and height, and also make a note of any irregularities like padding or pillow tops. Your mattress might have some additional features like built-in air pumps or handles. Take special care of them and protect them while packing.  

3. Check your Vehicle 

How to move a mattress plays a significant role in the moving process. It is advisable to hire a moving truck or van for the utmost safety of your mattress instead of taking it in a personal vehicle. 

4. Gather your Supplies

You and your mattress both should be secure enough while moving. To ensure that your mattress is in good shape, gather essential packing supplies like a mattress bag, nylon rope, a hand cart to securely move the mattress inside the van or moving truck, a retractable blade to open the mattress bag without damaging it, and toolkit for disassembling the bed.

Steps to Packing and Loading the Mattress into a Van or Truck

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Efficiently packing and loading your mattress is key to preventing damage during transportation. Follow these steps to securely transport your mattress to your new home.

1. Place the Mattress into the Mattress Bag

So, how to protect the mattress when moving? Take an appropriately sliced mattress bag and slide your mattress bag into it. You can get help from the moving professional to complete this task. Once you get this done, use the packing tape to seal the open ends of the bag. It is believed that a mattress bag is cost-effective as compared to mattress boxes, and is easy to use. So, use them to safely move your mattress. 

2. Securing with Packing Tape or Straps

After getting your mattress inside the bag, sturdy straps or packing tape can be used to shrink the wrap. Keep it tight enough to not compress the mattress. Use the label to mention important information like mattress measurements and destination room on the mattress bag or directly on the packaging.

3. Clear the Pathway Through Which You Will Take the Mattress

A mattress is large enough, which sometimes makes it challenging to navigate the tight spots successfully due to limited visibility. So, ensure that you clear your home to minimize the risk of running into walls, furniture items, or other valuables before lifting the mattress. 

4. Get the Vehicle Ready to Receive the Mattress

Gather your friends or moving professionals to load the mattress onto a dolly or a hand truck. Now, take the mattress off of the dolly or a hand truck carefully. Before doing that, get your vehicle ready to receive the mattress to avoid any hassle, and consider the type of mattress you own. A coiled mattress can be loaded on its side or can be laid flat on top of other belongings (Don’t place your belongings on the top of the coiled mattress). 

On the other hand, if you have a foam mattress, lay it flat without any other items on top of it and avoid folding or bending it. Now, tie the mattress with the ropes to the cargo area. 

Unpacking the Mattress

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After a successful move, it's time to unpack your mattress and make it ready for use. Here's how to safely remove it from its packaging and set it up in your new space.

1. Remove the Mattress Bag 

The mattress bag comes into the show only to keep it covered during transit. Once you have brought the mattress to the final destination, you can remove the mattress bag and place it safely in your home. 

2. Air Out the Mattress

Some people prefer to do it while some don’t. When you take the mattress out of the bag, air it out before you actually start using it, or spray a light disinfectant on it and let it dry.

3. Set Up Your Bed

It's time to set up your bed. So, grab your toolkit and assemble the parts to your bed that you have disassembled before. After your mattress gets dry, put it back on the bed and keep the bedding the way you like. 


Knowing the answers to how to pack a mattress for moving is an important part of shifting and moving to a new home, ensuring a seamless transition. Follow the above-mentioned steps and let your mattress be safe and protected during the move.

And if it becomes challenging, urBin is here to put an end to all your packing and moving needs. We plan out your move, arrange building reservations, pack your belongings with care, and safely move them to your destination. Want to know the details? Contact us for more information.