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Make Moving Easy: 15 Tips for Your Big Move

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Getting ready to move? Don’t stress.

Here are 15 tips to make your big move easy:

  • Before the Move

Ask the Right Questions

When you’re apartment/house hunting, make sure you ask the right questions to avoid future problems. Know your lease terms, moving fees, pet and guest policies, parking situation, etc. Here’s a list.

Make a Packing Schedule

As with any big project, planning and organization are the keys to success. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack everything up! Follow a schedule, like this one.

Pack a 1st Night Box

Pack a 1st night box with essentials so you’re not rooting through boxes for things like shampoo, paper towels, clothing, soap, etc. After a long day of moving boxes and furniture, having these things on hand will be a relief. Here’s a good list.

Do a Walkthrough of Your New Home

Before you make the big move, do a walkthrough of your new place and make sure everything is in check. Use a checklist like this one to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Prep Meals

The first couple days after you move in are going to be chaos. Prep some meals ahead of time that can be easily transported so you aren’t constantly ordering out (though pizza at the end of a long moving day is pretty incredible.)

Packing Tips

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

First thing’s first: get rid of whatever doesn’t need to come with you. Sort through your items and set some aside for donation, some for trash, and maybe even some for a yard sale. You could even put some things in storage with UrBin Storage.


You will seriously regret it if you don’t label your boxes. When they’re labeled, unpacking is infinitely easier—boxes will be unloaded to their proper rooms in your new home. You could even step it up a notch and color code with different colored Sharpies or tape to make things that much easier.

Don’t Buy Boxes

Or at least buy less. Check in at restaurants and grocery stores for used boxes. They’re always getting shipments of products so they’ll have a bunch on hand that they can give you for free.

Use What You’ve Got

Luggage, laundry baskets, pots; you’re taking these things with you anyways, so why not use them? You’ll create less waste and take up less space—it’s a win-win.

Pack Wisely

There are hundreds of packing tips out there that will make your life for the next few weeks about a million times easier. Read up and use them to your advantage! Here’s a good list to check out.

Moving Day

Do Another Walkthrough

Your move-in day is your last chance to catch any issues you’d like cleared up by the landlord. Make a list and take pictures, and alert your landlord of any problems ASAP.

Stay Organized

Unpack room by room, and take your time. Everything doesn’t have to get done at once.

Get Your Security Deposit Back

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your old apartment so you can get your security deposit back! Here are some DIY cleaning tips.

Pack the Moving Truck Efficiently

Check out this chart on how to efficiently pack your moving van.

Change Your Address

You do still want to get mail, right? Make sure you remember to change your forwarding address first, and then update your address for all important accounts.

There you have it. Here’s to a smooth move!