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Maximize Storage Space in Small Bathrooms

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A small bathroom doesn’t have to be an imposition. There are many storage options that you haven’t thought of yet. By reevaluating your small space layout, you’ll find solutions that work for you no matter how few of square feet you have to work with. By moving things around and giving objects dual purposes, you increase the amount of space that you have in your apartment.
Here are some tips that make small bathroom storage effortless:

Use shelves, racks, and hooks on walls and doors.

Apartment Therapy suggests placing a shelf above your sink that holds everything that you use on a daily basis. Instead of leaving a lot of negative space on walls, strategically place racks and hooks in a way that they look artistic when empty but hold what you need so you can access them easily. This is a great way to store towels, robes, and toiletries. It makes the items readily available but keeps them from becoming an eyesore because of the way that they are arranged.

Place baskets and bins on shelves and in cabinets to keep clutter minimal.

Rather than rely on memory to find the things you need to get ready for work or bed, trust that the objects are right where you can find them thanks to the organization solutions you’ve chosen. You’ll maximize every nook and cranny’s worth of space in your bathroom this way and never experience a lost tube of lip balm or razor blade again.

Use jars to increase the amount of small item storage you have.

Mount the lid of a jar to the bottom of your cabinets. Fill the jar with things like cotton balls and cotton swaps. Screw the jars to the mounted lids so you can monitor the contents and refill them as often as necessary. In addition to being practical, jars look nice in every bathroom. They’re easy to find and come in options other than clear, too. Jars range in size from small to large, making it easy to close up empty spaces and store your bathroom essentials.

Make sure to use the space above the toilet, too.

Houzz suggests using a stone or wood slab to extend the countertop and create additional space above the toilet. This is one area of the bathroom that seldom gets used to its fullest potential. Store what you need at arm’s length and add to the general aesthetic of the room by choosing shelving materials that work seamlessly with existing décor.

Change how the mirror hangs.

If you have a mirror that isn’t mounted to the wall, take it down and hang it back up horizontally. It will make it easier for two people to get ready in the morning, and close up some of the negative space on the wall. If the mirror that you have currently isn’t large, ask your landlord if you can take it down and replace it with something bigger and more practical.

Use a sink skirt if you don’t have a door.

If your sink is the type that doesn’t hide things well, solve the problem easily with a skirt. A small amount of fabric will do the trick by hiding the contents of the cabinet. You can place cleaning supplies there without any issue and even add a pop of color in a space where none exists.
Maximize storage space in small bathrooms by following the tips listed above. If you’re not able to properly display or house items, consider renting a storage bin to keep the remainder of your belongings in. It’s an economical solution for small apartment dwellers living on the East Coast.