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Things to Do Before Moving Into Another Country

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Moving into another country temporarily takes planning. Knowing what to bring with you and what to leave behind is a matter of need and preference. You know what it takes to remain comfortable wherever you go. That knowledge helps you make the difficult decision of what to pack and what to put in storage.

There are some things to do before moving into another country. They are:

Get rid of items that you no longer need or use.

Why pack up your apartment or house with things that you want to get rid of? Take a few extra moments of your time to consider the usefulness of the items that you already own. If it’s something that you haven’t worn, read or used in the past six months, consider donating it to charity or selling it to make more cash for your move.

Pack what you want to keep but don’t want to bring with you in urBin storage bins.

Decide how many you’ll need to keep your items safe while you’re out of the country. The bins are large enough to fit half a closet’s worth of belongings in them. Best of all, you have access to them whenever you want it so if you come back to the States, you can get what you need out of storage before returning to the country that you temporarily reside in.

Create a source of income before you go.

Lifehack emphasizes how important it is to have some form of paid work before leaving your homeland. Even if your partner has employment of some sort, you’re going to want to have money for emergencies. Even if you freelance from a corner café, keep in mind that it’s not only something for you to do, it’s also adding to your financial security.

Obtain a major credit card that is well-recognized by the country you plan to live in.

You may have difficulty opening a bank account overseas. Even if you’re able to, it could be a problem to make deposits if they’re under or over a specific amount. That’s where having a major credit card on hand helps. Not only does it serve as backup in the event you don’t have access to money, it also prevents you from making a big legal mistake if you don’t quite understand the business culture of the place you’re temporarily living.

Get customs forms for your household goods. 

states the importance of clearing things with customs when you move things from your home in the States to your new residence abroad. You’ll need entrance and exit forms to provide to customs. If you have questions as to what to bring with you and what to leave behind in storage bins, contact the consulate and ask what is permitted.

Insure your valuables.

Before heading to your new home, you’ll want to take the time to buy an insurance policy that covers your valuables. By doing so, you’re taking the necessary precautions needed to protect your investments. Research insurance companies that cover belongings internationally and keep copies of the policy with you for safe keeping.

One of the easiest ways to protect your belongings while out of the country, is to rent a storage bin to contain the items that are the most precious to you. Starting as low as $20 a month, it’s an affordable solution that gives you options. Not only are you able to monitor your belongings 24 hours a day, you can retrieve them any time you want. That means that once you’re back in the United States, you’ll have full access to your storage bin’s contents with absolutely no issue.