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What to Toss and What to Keep: Baby Items

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Pregnancy and raising your child give certain items value beyond their dollar worth. That’s because those beautiful moments you shared with your baby and the memories you made together often become linked with the things around you. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of can be an emotional experience, one that you might not be fully prepared for. It’s hard to move on and face the fact that your little one is growing and changing faster than you feel comfortable with.

But while some items are definitely worth storing away, you can’t hold on to everything. Even if you do plan on having more children, there will always be changing safety standards, recalls, and the wear and tear of time that will make certain items worth saying goodbye to. Plus, there are always people in need: pregnancy crisis centers, the homeless, and friends who are expecting. It feels good to give back, and things are replaceable. It’s the memories you make that count.

Safety Standards

One thing to consider when sorting through baby items is that safety standards are always changing. If you plan on having more children, it might turn out that certain items that you once thought were perfectly safe could pose a hazard, however small, to your future child’s health. These are the kind of items you should throw away, rather than donate or give away. Stay up-to-date on recalls here.

Seasonal Items

Another thing you should think about? Seasonal items. Season-specific clothing isn’t necessarily worth hanging on to, even if you plan on having more children. If your first child was born in the summer, and your second child is born in the winter, those clothes likely won’t fit by the time the next season rolls around. Consider selling them, donating them, or giving them to a friend or relative. They’ll appreciate it, and you can always buy appropriate clothing when the time comes. It’ll be worth it.

Gender-Specific Items

Just as seasonal items might not hold over very well, gender-specific items may not either. You’ve got a 50/50 chance here. Is it worth taking? You could box up all those clothes and cross your fingers, or you could donate them to a family in need and purchase new, up-to-date clothes when the time comes. It’s up to you!

Items that Weren’t Used or Needed

Between the baby shower and the overflow of gifts and hand-me-downs from relatives and friends, there’s a good chance you acquired some things that your baby didn’t really need or use. These items are the easiest to let go of. If they’re still in the package or even just lightly used, you could sell these items and put the money towards new toys or clothes as your baby grows.

Things to Keep

If you’re planning on having another child, there are some items worth hanging on to. Large furniture, like cribs and changing tables, are expensive to replace, and as long as they’re made from durable material they’ll hold up over the years. Keep a few toys and clothes that you think will be a hit a second time around.

And if you aren’t having another child, that doesn’t mean you’re expected to get rid of everything! Absolutely not. Save sentimental items, like the clothes your baby wore on your way home from the hospital, his or her favorite toy, and gifts that hold a lot of meaning for you and your family.

You don’t have to part with everything. UrBin Storage is a great way to store baby items that you would rather hold on to. Their storage facility is heat controlled, so your items won’t wear down from heat exposure.