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Long Distance Moving Tips for a Smooth Relocation

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Planning a long-distance move across the country? You must be worried about shifting all the things to a new place all at once without breaking anything. That’s a serious concern. You cannot deny that the greater the distance, the higher the risk of damage. What to do in such cases? We have come up with the tried and tested long-distance moving tips to keep all your moving stress at bay and protect your belongings. Let’s get started. 

Tips to Help You Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Moving is never easy. But with full preparation, you can move your home successfully with as little disruption as possible. Let’s know the ways. 

1. Visit Your New City First 

You would have plenty of places or cities on your bucket list that you think are glamorous and fun. But it would really be a bad idea if you went and settled there just to find out that some other place could be more suitable than this one. 

When preparing for a long-distance move, take a trip to the place where you are thinking of moving. If you can’t do that, start finding people who already live there and talk to them about their life in the city. 

2. Start Early and Stay on Schedule 

Moving to a new city is not a matter of a few days. Rather, it takes longer than usual. Start early and prepare your schedule much in advance for a seamless moving process. Waiting until the last minute is only a way to increase stress and nothing else. 

3. Get a Reliable Quote from a Reputable Cross-Country Movers

No wonder online estimates are great, but up to a certain extent. If you don’t know exactly how much your furniture item weighs, you will be shocked to see the bill amount when it comes. That is where relying on the moving company is the best solution.

Professional packers and movers provide you with all kinds of moving support in addition to flexible storage options, on-demand delivery, transparent pricing, and secure storage. You can get a reliable quote from a reputable company like urBin to ensure peace of mind during a long-distance move.  

4. Moving Binder

This is one of the most important tips for moving long distances. Buy a binder to keep all your paperwork organized. Divide the paperwork into important receipts, calendars, packing inventory, checklist, etc., and keep everything related to your long-distance move inside the binder. 

5. Hire a Long Distance Moving Company 

If you think that you can move everything by yourself, you can’t be more wrong. Hiring a long-distance moving company like urBin makes your move a breeze. Moreover, they will help you with the packing tasks also. So, the things become easier and easier.

Packing Tips for Your Cross-Country Move

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Here are the best tips for your cross-country move to fit your needs –

Find Moving Boxes and Supplies

The first under long distance moving tip for a cross-country move is to be ready with the packing and moving supplies. Get sturdy and corrugated boxes of every size, dividers, bubble wraps, and foam pouches for fragile items. Having telescope boxes and plastic bins is also recommended for packing your artwork, mirrors, and electronics. The better packing ensures that there are fewer chances of accidentally breaking any item.

Strategize Your Packing 

We all have many things in our homes that we don’t use. Don’t waste your precious packing space for such items. Throw away or donate such items before moving to a new place. You don’t need two pieces of TV if you are moving to a one-bedroom apartment. So, think accordingly. When you pack your belongings, ask yourself questions like when was the last time I used this or wore this? It will help you strategize your packing better. 

Label the Boxes

Now comes the labeling part. You have packed your belongings. Label the boxes with names like “dishes,” “Clothes,” “fragile items,” etc., to make unpacking easier when you arrive at your new home. 

Tips for Moving Day

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The day will go like a snap, and you will realize how tired you are at the end of the day. Here are some long-distance moving tips– 

1. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well 

You have to run here and there throughout your moving day. So, you have to keep your energy levels high. Pack easy-to-grab drinks and food items that are high in energy levels like dry fruits, dark chocolate, sandwiches, salad, etc. Keep these food items in a spot that won’t be in the way and ensure not to put them accidentally in the moving truck. 

2. Have a Plan Set for Young Children and Pets 

Don’t let the stress of your kids and pets come in the way of your moving day. Moving activities are likely to stress your children and animals. Prepare a set plan so they do not get bored during the moving process. Careless pets and rambunctious kids slow the moving process. 

What you can do here is to send them to a relative’s home or a friend. If that doesn’t suit you, there is one other option. Let one parent stay with the movers, and one takes the kids out for a fun day. Also, keep a bedroom aside where they can relax safely if they want to until the movers are done with their work. 

3. Know Your Mover’s Policy on Helping 

If you have hired the moving company, that means you are paying them, right? So, you need to help them too. Packing and moving company help your family from injuries and damage. 

Get in touch with your movers to learn about their moving policies. Some packers and movers have user-friendly interfaces, simple billing, personalized customer support, on-demand delivery, and flexible storage options.

4. Have Cash on Hand for Tipping

You don’t have to tip your movers. Ofocurse, it is not a compulsion. But if the movers you hired have done their job well, it is advisable to show some appreciation using some dollar bills. Have some cash on hand. The tipping amount varies from person to person. However, experts advise you to tip the movers with 10 to 15 percent of the total bill. 

5. Empty Drawers 

Every moving company has different policies related to loaded drawers. You can leave some light and unbreakable items like clothes and bedding in some drawers. But don’t put anything heavy and breakable. It is advisable to keep every drawer empty so that movers can easily lift them.

6. Keep your Devices Fully Charged 

Nobody has time to play candy crush or watch a movie on a moving day. But that doesn’t undermine the importance of keeping your devices fully charged. You never know how many times will you need your smartphone to contact the movers. Keep the battery of your mobile fully charged the night before the move and put the charger in the “essentials bag”. This will help you in case your mobile battery drains or goes down. 

7. Secure the Property Before Leaving 

Before leaving your current property, ensure to secure it. Double-check all the rooms for cleanliness and whether they are fully empty. Keep all the important keys aside to hand over them. You can also write some useful information on a piece of paper like meter location, location of stopcocks, etc. to make it easy for the new tenants to find everything. Have a final walk around your home to check that nothing is left behind.

8. Have Moving Paperwork Safe Beside You 

Once you hire a moving company, you will have loads of important moving documents beside you. So, put them all in one place in a safe folder until you have completely moved your home. 


The above-mentioned long-distance moving tips ensure a streamlined experience. So take them into account when you are preparing yourself for a cross-country or long-distance move. 

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