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15 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Denver, Colorado

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Have you decided recently to move to Denver but are feeling doubtful about your decision? If yes, we are here to help. Also called Mile High City, Denver is a place where you can enjoy a stunning lifestyle whether it’s natural beauty, education, professional life, etc. It is located at the backdrop of stunning mountains boasting a lifestyle of profound appreciation for nature. 

With the booming regional economy, the city is a perfect place for striking a balance between metropolitan vibrancy and adventure. If you want to know detailed information about moving and making your choice easier, you have come to the right place. Our “moving to Denver guide” will assist you in planning your move to Mile High City and ensure a stress-free experience. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving To Denver 

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There are some key things to know before moving to Denver. What are those? Let’s find out. 

1. Cost of Living 

Denver’s cost of living is somewhere in between all the other major cities of the US. It is not as expensive as LA but not as cheap as Texas either. Housing costs have seen a rapid increase in the recent years. So, you need to look into the costs of that particular area before moving to Denver. 

For instance – if you are moving from big cities like LA or San Francisco to Denver, the place will seem pretty affordable to you. As per payscale, the cost of living is 11% higher and housing expenses are 36% higher in Denver as compared to the national average. Thus, the cost of living plays a significant role in making a decision to move to Denver. 

2. Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely 

The neighborhoods of Denver are unique and diverse, all having their own vibe. Let’s take Capitol Hill for example. The place is lively and eclectic. The area of Uptown is surrounded by young people and drinking establishments. Country Club is expensive. And the list goes on. 

Whether you want to dive into the trendy vibes or historic charm, Denver’s neighborhood has something for everyone to suit their taste. Research thoroughly on the neighborhood areas before signing a lease. Because the choice of neighborhood largely determines your living experience.  

3. Traffic Is a Nightmare

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Traffic in Denver is like a nightmare. If you are coming from a big city like Austin or Chicago, it won’t feel that bad to you. But here is the catch: The rush hour is the worst one where you can see noticeable traffic. In fact, drivers in Denver waste an average of 63 hours every year due to congestion. 

It is relatively easy to go around the place even without your own four-wheeler vehicle. You can use regional transport district buses for the same. 

4. Denver’s Job Market is Booming 

One of the key reasons for moving to Denver is its thriving economy. The city is the hub for major companies that are known for providing high-paying jobs. 

As per Denver’s economic development corporation, a diverse group of 9 job industries contributes to the thriving economy of Denver that is – Bioscience, Aviation, Aerospace, Beverage Production, IT software, Energy and Financial Services, Healthcare and Wellness, Broadcasting, and Telecommunications. Thus, the booming job market attracts many individuals to move to this place. 

5. Education

There are numerous educational institutes in Denver that cater to students of all ages. Whether your kid is starting the journey in college, or you want to put your kid in elementary school, Denver has enough colleges and schools to provide the best education. Some of them are – Littleton public schools, and Cherry Creek School District, to name a few. 

Talking about the colleges, you can check Regis University and the University of Colorado Boulder, among several others. So, you need not worry about the academic excellence here. 

6. Youthful Energy 

Millennials love Denver not just for its job opportunities or thriving economy but also for its cultural amenities and growing food scene. With 60% of residents under the age of 40, most of them are Gen Z and millennials, and 38% of them are in the age group of 20-39. 

So, if you are an individual who wants the best of city life away from the hustle of places like Chicago and New York, moving to Denver is the right choice. 

7. People Care About Physical Fitness 

You must be surprised to know that the residents of Denver care more about the health of themselves and the environment in comparison to other cities. This is the reason explaining the bike-friendliness of the city. 

Even though most people residing here have their cars, they still prefer biking throughout the area. Besides, people living here go by the motto of live and let live. So, you are good to go and live your passions as long as you don’t push the same hobbies on others. 

8. Outdoor Recreation 

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Outdoor recreation facilities are phenomenal here. You can delve into the experiences of backcountry skiing, white-water rafting, and world-renowned ski resorts, and there are countless options. 

It doesn’t amaze me to say that Denver is one of the top 10 healthiest cities in the US. Some of the must-see spots 2-hour drive from Denver are – Mount Evans, Rocky mountain national park and Idaho Springs. 

Is It a Good Idea to Move to Denver, Colorado?

Denver is a metropolitan area including both safe and less safe neighborhood areas. Some areas around the downtown might experience crime cases. But you can always rely on the safe and family-friendly neighborhoods existing in the city. And as far as you are getting the wonderful facilities as mentioned above, it’s a good idea to move to Denver. 

‍Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, moving to Denver is a good choice if you have sorted your finances and are looking forward to a seamless life. 

That being said, moving comes with its own set of challenges and if you are afraid to lift the heavy boxes and take it to your new home all by yourself, urBin got you covered. Let our moving professionals arrange a seamless pickup, smart storage, and timely delivery without breaking anything. It's time to make your move simplified with urBin. Contact us for more information.


Where is the best place to live in Denver, Colorado?

Some best places to live in Denver, Colorado are Capitol Hill, Country Club, Uptown, Stapleton, Platt Park, Lincoln Park, and Cherry Creek. The decision to choose the area depends on your budget and proximity to amenities.  

Do you need AWD to live in Denver? 

Not at all. You don’t require an all-wheel drive to live in Denver. However, it is beneficial if you have one, especially in the snowy winters of the place or in extreme weather conditions. 

What jobs are popular in Denver?

There are diverse job industries in Denver, which marks the popular jobs in the healthcare, finance, and outdoor recreation markets. The recreation industry supports job in hospitality and tourism. 

Are people in Denver friendly?

Yes, Denverites are friendly and have a welcoming demeanor. The active outdoor lifestyle and laid-back atmosphere of the city are often the reasons for contributing towards developing camaraderie among residents and newcomers alike. 

Is it expensive to live in Denver?

The cost of living in Denver has increased in recent years. The factors responsible for the same are the growing population, inflation, and housing demand. While housing costs are higher, especially if you want a home in a desirable neighborhood, other expenses like transportation and groceries are relatively affordable compared to some other major U.S. cities